The No Man Left Behind Model

Many churches are not getting the results they want when it comes to their men leading powerful, transformed lives. The problem is not lack of effort; many have tried diligently for years with no lasting results. But determination is not a strategy. The problem is not a lack of intent; every pastor and church leader wants to see men discipled. But desire is not a strategy.

Perhaps the problem is “men’s ministry.”

–At least in the traditional sense. After a weekly men’s group, a monthly breakfast, and an annual retreat, we check off the “men’s ministry” box on the checklist and wonder why men’s lives aren’t changing.

What’s needed is a new perspective.

A comprehensive strategy that:

  • doesn’t require you to add a bunch of new men’s-only activities
  • targets all the different types of men you have in the church
  • isn’t dependent on a specific curriculum
  • takes advantage of everything that your church is already doing
  • gives your leadership team the tools necessary to assess, plan, and implement their vision
  • and will result in more men coming to church and more men being discipled.

Welcome to the No Man Left Behind Model.

Developed out of 25+ years of Man in the Mirror’s work with churches all over the country, the Model allows you to organize the key concepts that result in an intentional strategy for discipling all your men that is customizable to your church.

Here’s the bottom line.

The No Man Left Behind Model helps leaders provide a discipleship pathway for every man in their church.

According to a survey of training alumni, churches who intentionally implemented the No Man Left Behind Model experienced significant gains (an average of 48%) in the number of men attending church over an average time of 2.5 years. Even more significantly, they reported a dramatic increase (an average of 84%) in the number of men actively engaged in ongoing discipleship.

You want to disciple men to lead powerful, transformed lives. We want to help you do it.

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