Creating and Capturing Momentum For This Fall

  • Is your Men’s Leadership Team struggling with planning for the Ministry to Men in your church?
  • Do you have new members on your Men’s Leadership Team?
  • Does your Men’s Leadership Team need a refresher on how to build momentum with your men?

Then check out this FREE Leadership Webinar presented by Brett Clemmer and David Delk.

(Click here to download the worksheet for this webinar.) This webinar – for your Men’s Leadership Team – presents a quick review of the No Man Left Behind Model (Create-Capture-Sustain), with a focus on Creating & Capturing the Momentum for your ministry to men.

Highlights include:

  • Creating Value
    • Developing something that gives value to your men
    • Answers the question, “What interaction will move the men forward spiritually?”
  • Capturing Momentum
    • Showing men the right Next Step
  • How do you capture Momentum?
    • Answers the question, “What is a believable Next Step?”
    • Ideas for developing short-term, specific, and achievable growth opportunities
    • Equipping allies to be able to invite other men to participate
    • Have the men make an immediate commitment
  • Overall Goal
    • To be able to create an environment where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship with other men

For more information, check out the website for No Man Left Behind. Check out the No Man Left Behind live training opportunities, as well as the Online and DVD training options.