Create Momentum by Providing Value

After you’ve defined a vision for your ministry to men AND you’ve begun to communicate it consistently, the key is to Create Momentum by Providing Value to your men. Know your men, then reach them in ways that are relevant to their lives.

Men exhibit two traits: some are busy and some are tired…most are both! Men are bombarded all week long by the noise in their lives – the career fast track, the media, co-workers, their boss, their family. No wonder men rarely take time for spiritual self-examination.

We have to engage a man’s attention by offering him something he will find valuable. Tired men need to believe that getting involved will be worth the effort. Busy men need to believe that of all the opportunities clamoring for their time, the one you are offering is top notch. You have to show them the value of getting involved.

You can provide value through a variety of experiences: a large Men’s Conference, Men’s Retreat, or a Barbeque. Often the most valuable thing to a man is personal one-on-one time (breakfast, lunch, or a cup of coffee). There is no shortage of activities for men today.

A little analysis will give you the insights you need to get your men’s attention. Answer these 2 questions:

  • What types of men are we trying to reach? (Five Types of Men)
  • What kinds of things will interest them?

If you want a new man to come to an event, you must do one thing: personally invite them to the event. All of the other marketing ideas – flyers, announcements, and PowerPoint slides – accomplish one thing: They make it more likely that a man will say “Yes” when someone asks him to go. Men need to be invited personally! They will come to something with a friend they would never go to alone.

One more important thing to keep in mind: when you are working with men – at any level of spiritual maturity – a good rule is: DON’T TRICK THEM! Don’t use fun-sounding activities to attract guys, and then get super-spiritual with them.

Remember that discipleship is a journey, and as the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Take that first step by providing real value to the men in your church. Give men what they need in the context of what they want.


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