No Man Left Behind 3D Spotlight: Orlando

There was excitement in the air as 81 men from 26 different churches came together for the first No Man Left Behind 3D: Develop, Disciple, and Deploy training event this past weekend at Calvary Assembly Church in Orlando, Florida. The event was co-sponsored by MIM Area Director Pat Leupold, of the East Orlando Coalition for Men’s Discipleship, and Better Man Ministry.

The men received training from Man in the Mirror Faculty Brett Clemmer, David Delk, and Jeff Kisiah during the weekend, ranging from understanding the No Man Left Behind Model to developing a plan for discipling men over the course of the next year.

Neil Graubner (Men’s Leader from Calvary, the host Church) kicked off the training by praying for the men in attendance and the speakers. Calvary’s Executive Pastor, Mike Justice, also stopped to offer his support for the event in between his many other responsibilities. The Calvary Host Team did a tremendous job helping everyone feel welcomed and well-fed.

The leaders of the 26 churches represented over 9,000 men in their congregations back home. There were also 4 Area Directors from Florida in attendance, as well as 1 Area Director from Arkansas and 1 Field Representative from Arkansas.

Comments from a few of the men attending the training:

  • “This has helped us refocus on making sure we have the right men on the Leadership Team to be able to reach ALL the men in our church.
  • “The most helpful part was the opportunity to apply the strategy, and the (healthy!) pressure to work the process on an existing event. It forced my team and I to think outside of the ‘Men’s Ministry’ box, and we needed that.”
  • “We can’t wait to get started with developing our Leadership Team and moving forward with helping our men grow in Christ.”
  • “This is a change in how we thought you should do things, but we see how it would work in our church.”
  • “Our church just goes from one event to planning the next event with no real purpose. We now understand how to help our leadership plan with the idea of discipling our people.”
  • “Looking forward to working with our (Man in the Mirror) Area Director to help get our ministry to men off the ground and ready to disciple ALL our men. We have a long way to go and much to learn yet, but we will be moving in the right direction now.”
  • “Our men are involved at our church – but not in anything organized that will help them grow in their relationship with God. This training has brought the organization I’ve been looking for to help us focus on the men and helping them to become more Christ-like.”

No Man Left Behind 3D: Develop, Disciple, and Deploy is the newest leadership training course offered by Man in the Mirror. Over the 1 1/2 day training, your Leadership Team will build an ongoing game plan to reach ALL your men with a powerful vision and sustainable energy.

To find out more about bringing this exciting live-training event to your area, click here or call 407-472-2119.

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  • Brett Clemmer

    Had a great time with all these guys, Kudos to Pat Leupold for organizing this event and getting the word out to churches! It was a great weekend for men’s discipleship and for the men and churches of Orlando!