No Man Left Behind Spotlight: Phoenix, Arizona

We had an amazing group of men who were excited and ready to learn at the recent No Man Left Behind Essentials Training in Phoenix, Arizona.  There was such a teachable spirit displayed throughout the entire weekend.  The guys also seemed to grasp the concepts really well and the final activity of putting tangible plans on paper yielded some really impressive results.  It was great to see guys from different churches, demographics, and denominations connecting during the breaks and discussion times.  I even heard of a pastor from one church planning to connect with a lay leader from a neighboring church for a hike later this summer!  Perhaps the highlight of the training was a unique opportunity this group had to hear first-hand from a man in the “Hurting Man” category and to be able to pray over him less than 72 hours before he was to go in for major surgery.

Comments from a few of the men attending the training:

“This gives us an honest breakdown of how to focus on men that don’t want to walk into a church or Bible study.” R. Arvizu

“This training gave us a template we can adapt and scale to our needs. Man in the Mirror really does want to partner and support our church!” Pastor J. Herzberg

“I appreciated learning how to focus on heart transformation and the importance of reaching the hurting man.” K. Malcomson

“I appreciated the break-out times where our Team worked together for strategic planning.” J. Ferree

“I appreciated learning about the 5 Types of Men. This helps to understand who we are trying to reach and how to grow the men.” D. Reuss

“It really helped to understand how to keep men moving towards the goal through the Create, Capture, Sustain process.” D. Rachwitz

“It was great to have the ability to rough draft our plan for the upcoming year.” Pastor T. Ahlman

“This really helped us to see the connection between events and ministries happening throughout the church.” Pastor K. Redding


If you want to bring a No Man Left Behind training event to your area, please contact Bryan Richardson, our Leadership Training Coordinator, at 407-472-2119.