The No Man Left Behind Model

Does your church have an intentional strategy to help men become disciples of Jesus Christ? No need to wring your hands if you don’t – just do something about it now.

Many churches are not getting the results they want when it comes to their men leading powerful, transformed lives. Often times it isn’t because of a lack of effort, but determination is NOT a strategy. The problem isn’t a lack of intent either, but once again, desire is NOT a strategy. If you’re wondering why men’s lives aren’t being transformed, then it’s time to look for a comprehensive strategy that:

  • Doesn’t require you to add a bunch of activities
  • Targets the different types of men in your church
  • Doesn’t require a specific curriculum
  • Takes advantage of what your church is already doing
  • Gives your Leadership Team the tools necessary to assess, plan, and implement their vision, and
  • Will result in more men coming to church AND more men being discipled.

The No Man Left Behind (NMLB) Model is an intentional strategy for discipling all your men AND it’s customizable. The NMLB Model helps churches create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship.

The best part – your men will be leading powerful, transformed lives that will positively affect their families, church, work and community! The results of a survey of training alumni, whose churches intentionally implemented the NMLB Model are significant:

  • An average increase of 48% in the number of men attending church (over an average time of 2.5 years)
  • An average increase of 84% in the number of men actively engaged in ongoing discipleship!

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring the different parts of the NMLB Model. For a 10-minute overview of the NMLB Model, go to