No Man Left Behind Spotlight: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Dave Armstrong, Area Director for the Greater Philadelphia North Coalition for Men’s Discipleship, provided this report on the recent No Man Left Behind Essentials Training in Pottstown, Pennsylvania:

On April 1-2, 88 men representing 23 churches gathered at the Berean Bible Church in Pottstown, PA for No Man Left Behind Training. The guys were eager to learn how to better disciple their men. Brett Clemmer, our trainer, did a great job of connecting with and teaching the men using his own unique, down-to-earth style.

It was exciting for me to see men hungry for men’s discipleship in their churches. Those twenty-three churches represent potentially thousands of men whose lives can be changed over time. The impact on marriages, families, churches and communities is incalculable – but only if they apply what they learned. That was my challenge to the men.

Four years ago my daughter gave me a model of my favorite aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird. I love the model and have every good intention of building it. But as of today, the model still sits in the box!

Man in the Mirror has a great model for discipling men. Church leaders love it. But it will only make an impact if they apply it to their men. My role as an Area Director is to help them do just that.

If I never get to build my SR-71, it will not matter in eternity. But, if churches don’t build and use the No Man Left Behind model, lives and eternal destinies are at stake.

The training is over, but the real work has just begun. I have already begun the follow-up process with twelve area churches and am working to connect with the rest. Pray for me as I help those churches build a sustainable process to disciple their men.