Men Reaching Men

You’re invited to participate in a weekly video Bible Study for men—or lead one yourself! Every Friday for 30 years, Man in the Mirror’s Founder, Patrick Morley, teaches the study in Winter Park, Florida, and we make it available for download on our website for free.

The brand new teaching series, Men Reaching Men, kicked off last week with the topic: How One Cup of Coffee Can Change the World. The series will be taught by No Man Left Behind co-authors Pat Morley, David Delk, & Brett Clemmer. It is designed to give you simple, practical steps you can take to immediately begin reaching & discipling men right where they are.

In the first teaching, using 2 Timothy 2:2, Pat begins to answer the questions: If you want to help a man become a disciple, then what is it exactly that you want him to become? And precisely how do you go about helping him do it?

As Pat put it, the Big Idea is this:

Discipleship is one man caring enough about another man to help him build…
a relationship with God
a worldview that is biblical, and
a lifestyle worthy of Christ.

To watch or listen to the Bible study series, click here. Want to lead other men through the study? Each video comes with a handout with discussion questions.

Together, let’s mobilize an army of men to leave no man behind, for His glory!