No Tallahassee-Area Man Left Behind!

In late August, 50 leaders from 20 churches gathered in Tallahassee, Florida, at Northwoods Baptist Church for our 1 1/2-day training with Brett Clemmer. We were honored to have seven pastors among them!

Over Friday evening and all day Saturday, teams learned about the No Man Left Behind Model and worked together to develop their ministry plans. Here are a few of their comments about the training…

  • “I learned how to start to build a program; a framework was presented and a structure was shown. I had high expectations based on the track history of Man in the Mirror and they were exceeded!” – Carlos H.
  • “I liked the analysis of our men’s ministry. It helps to evaluate where we are and where to make changes. [Also] the speaker was outstanding, well-versed and experienced on the material and ministry.” – Tom H.
  • “This course exceeded my expectations. It was well worth the time!” – Tom M.
  • “We attended because we needed affirmation/clarification that we are understanding the No Man Left Behind Model correctly. This goal was met, as things became very clear to the team!” – Randy D.
  • “My favorite part of the training was the gap analysis and how we could use resources from existing ministry opportunities to fill the gaps instead of adding additional functions.” – Ed R.
  • “I most liked the direct presentation, coupled with experience. It was outstanding.” – Bob G.
  • “My favorite aspect of the course was the interaction with our team at strategic times during the presentation.” – Ed B.

Join us in praying for these 20 churches as they continue developing their custom plans to reach all their men!

Also, we’d like to extend a special thanks to Sam and the entire team over at Northwoods, whose hospitality and hard work were invaluable. We are grateful for the vision you have for your community and to see men’s lives changed by Christ.